Device Donations for Syrian Relief

Donated Medical Devices for Syrian Relief
Events of the past year in Syria have saddened and horrified caring people around the world. Among the many troubling issues to emerge from the conflict has been the government’s denial of medical treatment – or outright killing of those seeking medical care – whatever their affiliation.  For the many refugees fleeing the conflict, medical equipment and material are in extremely short supply in the camps and field hospitals that have been established in Turkey and Jordan. You can learn more about the current situation at:
WBUR (Boston’s PBS radio station)

In order to help provide necessary supplies, Crimson is working with the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS;, through their “Save Syrian Lives Campaign” – you can read the appeal letter from Dr. Bassell Atassi here. The goal of our work is to secure donated medical devices for use in the Syrian Relief – following is a list of most-needed equipment/devices requested by SAMS:

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Medications, Medical Supplies, and Equipment
Need List    
Item Description Count Locations Needed
Portable X-Ray      
Portable MV Mechanical Ventilators    
Portable Ultrasound      
IV Solution Pumps      
Vacuum Pump For Suctioning    
Sterilization Oven To Sterilize Medical Supplies    
Portable Anesthesia Machine      
Monitor/ Defibrillator Including  Defibrillator Pads and printer papers; Also, it includes synch mode for Cardioversion and  Pacing functions    
AED Automated  External Defibrillators; electrodes    
EKG/ECG Device 12 lead; electrodes    
Type and Screen Device/ and needed accessories, including specimen collection tubes Blood screening prior RBC transfusions    
ABG reader (device) Arterial Blood Gas Readers; plus needed accessories    
Medical Supplies
ET tubes Sizes: 6.5, 7.0, 8.0, 8.5    
ET tube Adjunctives  Secure Tape, Surgilube, CO2 detector, Bite block    
LMA 3.5, 4.5    
Laryngoscope Handle and Blades (Miller an Mac)    
ABG kits      
Nasal Cannula      
Non-rebreather mask      
Ambu Bag w/ Oxygen Tubing Bag-Mask Ventilation    
Face Masks with Oxygen ports For CPR/ Breathing     
Oral airway set, adult, children    
NP airway set adult, children    
Yankauer Suction      
Item Description Count Locations Needed
Medical Supplies
Suction canister w/ tubing  Bracket for suction canister    
Suction Catheter kit      
Thoracostomy Kits/ Tray For Hemothorax / Pneumothorax    
Thorocentesis Kit/ Tray Sterile    
Spinal needles/ Luer lock 20 gauge    
Chest Tube Insertion Trays      
IV Starter Kit Including Cannulas/ IV catheters Gauges 16-24    
Central Line Kit CVC trays    
IV Tubing Primary tubing, secondary tubing, extension tubing    
Syringes Different sizes 1ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml      IV Caps    
Needles Different gauges ; e.g., 16, 18,20,22, 25    
Filter Needles 19 gauge    
Adhesive Border Drsg Drsg-Dressing    
IV line DRSG Kit      
IV line Clamps      
3-way stopcock      
Foley Catheters      
Urine Collection Bags Urine Bags    
QuikClot Products Z-Medica    
Hemostatic Clamps and Bandages      
Tourniquet Rolls      
Fiberglass Casts      
Undercast padding      
Casting tape  Different sizes    
Plaster Bandages      
Plaster Splints      
Emergency Quick Splints      
Complete Suture kits Including Surgical needles/ blades    
Sutures Different materials… Nylon, Silk, Chromic Cat Gut, and Vicryl Sutures; Different Sizes…0,1,2, 3    
Skin Staplers      
Surgical Tape      
Laceration Trays      
Surgical Kit      
Lancet Handle      
Lancet Blades      
Wire Cutter      
Dissection Scissors      
Item Description Count Locations Needed
Medical Supplies
Utility Scissors or Bandage Scissors    
Surgical Forceps Tooth and Non-Tooth Forceps    
Pickup Tweezers      
Curved/ Straight Hemostat      
Sliver Abx DRSG Sliver Antibiotic Dressing    
Surgical Gauze Different sizes     
Abd Pads Abdominal Pads    
ACE Bandages      
Sterile Gauze Rolls and Pads Different Sizes; Non-adhesives; Including 4X4    
wound Bandages      
Empty Blood Bags       
Tool Case      
Stainless Steel Surgical Case      
Surgical Gauze Box/ Dispenser      
Surgical Gloves- Sterile Size 7.5, 8.0 and 8.5    
Surgical masks      
Gloves M, L, XL    
Gowns L, XL    
BP measurement  Blood Pressure Manual Device; Cuffs (S, M, L)    
BS meter Blood Surge meters with strips and lancet device/ lancets    
Alcohol Swabs      
Chlorhexadine Swabs      
Pulse Ox Pulse Oxymetry finger probe    
Tongue depressors      
Thermometers Disposable if available    
Head lights with batteries      
Hand Sanitizers      
Instant Ice Packs      
Nebulizers Devices and tubings    





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